Radio 23 Milano Lambrate

Scopri tutti gli eventi e le iniziative che si svolgono a Milano Lambrate, Zona 2 e Zona 3: concerti, mercatini, feste, mostre, corsi.


Radio 23: very social, social veri


Radio 23 is the first community radio station dedicated to the Milan Borough of Lambrate (Italy). Live 24/7, Radio 23 is an independent, self-funded station run by enthusiastic volunteers. We play an eclectic mix of pop, rock, dance, reggae, jazz, chill out and country music. Besides, we have shows in Italian language, Traffic News and Weather Forecasts for the Milan area, entertainment and current affairs.

Radio 23 is part of a bigger project named R23, which is entirely dedicated to Milano Lambrate: the whole project includes – in addition to the radio station – a Blog which publishes all the events taking place in Milano Lambrate, our audio podcasts, a Facebook page, Twitter and Youtube.

But, most of all, real interaction with our readers/listeners to socialize together and know each other.

Our motto is “R23: very social, social veri”, which could be translated into “R23: very social, real social”, to underline that we want to meet people for real, not just behind the keyboards of our computers.

Enjoy our radio stations and the whole R23 project, and please feel free to contact us for comments, suggestions, cooperation proposals etc.  > CONTACT US



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